Top tip for a spotless kitchen

What is it that makes sitting down to get something done so hard?! I write down my intention: the goal, why I want it, and my plan to get there, next I find myself thinking about anything except the goal and the plan. I find myself doing stuff that has been waiting for attention and clearly could have waited longer. Procrastination, distraction, and navigating my foibles are a life long journey. Sometimes the kitchen gets cleaned because I don’t know how to do the task so I need to break it down into what to do next (nod to Getting Things Done by David Allen.) Sometimes I feel like a lost boy who will not be told what to do because I will forge my own path, thank you very much!! (nod to my 8 year old self.). Sometimes I just need a reset of focus and use strategic disengagement like a tennis player who plays with their strings between volleys to reset. (nod to The Power of Full Engagement by Tony Schwartz and Jim Loehr.) , My go-to strategic disengagement is a ten minutes P!nk dance party. The timer goes off and I sit down at my desk and see my note of intention and either magic happens and progress starts flowing or focus is lost again and I’m thinking about what I want to cook for dinner or I research a piece of gear for the fifth time or I decide now is the moment to clean the tops of the kitchen cabinets and go through my entire pantry. Unlocking my potential and what I say I want is a life long pursuit.