Details by day

Mileage chart

Overall itinerary:

Mon-Tue Sep 3&4 is overnight trip to Plitvice Lakes, Croatia. Visit the park Monday afternoon when we arrive, and we decide if we also want to return in the morning to explore more

Tue by lunch start driving to Kranjska Gora

Wed and Thu Sep 5-6 exploring Triglav National Park either on car/foot or bicycling forest paths, not on road and not technical mountain biking. Think quiet, scenic bliss

Fri Sep 7 morning exploring Lake Bled then head to City Hotel in Ljubljana to get taxis at 1:30pm to delicious Skarucna so we can all enjoy a glass of wine (https://skarucna.si/en/).

Sat and Sun (Sep 8-9) are Smartno, Brda wine country.  Leave Ljubljana by 10am Saturday to be picked up in Smartno by 11:30am. 
Sunday afternoon explore caves.  See Rick Steves for options: Postonja w train going through or Škocjan
Some are leaving for Ljubljana to fly out Monday morning

Mon Sep 10 day trip to Venice.  On the road by 6am but everyone else can sleep on the 2 hr drive.  We’ll drive to Ljubljana that evening. 

Tue Sep 11 most have 9am-ish flights


Sep 1-2

  • Carl, Jennifer and Erin are catching sun in the Istrian peninsula
  • Trish and Delaine are motorcycling Slovenia and staying in an AirBNB in Ljubljana
  • Andi and KJ are exploring Vienna then taking the train Sunday and joining Delaine and Trish
  • Carolyn and Jim fly in Sunday @2:35pm and are at the City Hotel
  • Apartment: OMERSOVA 28 Ljubljana Slovenia 1000
  • MOtorental AddressZvezna ulica 33, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia  Phone+386 40 299 195

Sep 3-4 Plitvice Lakes

  • Who: Carolyn, Jim, KJ, Andi, Trish and Delaine meet at City Hotel by 10am.  Delaine is renting van and picking it up at City Hotel (how convenient!)
  • Arrive with water and snacks for the road trip.  Note the trip is through curvy roads in case you need to prepare yourself physically and mentally.
  • Accommodation: Ethno houses Plitvice lakes (w breakfast)
  • ETNO KUĆE PLITVICA SELO Plitvica Selo 66/1 53231 Plitvica selo
    • Room 1: Andi, Delaine, KJ, Erin, Trish Reservation Number: 140339
    • Room 2: Carl, Jennifer, Erin
    • Room 3: Jim and Carolyn

Sep 4-6 Kranjska Gora

  • Accommodation Ramada Resort Kranjska Gora Borovška cesta 99, 4280 Kranjska Gora, Slovenia MB: SI 39467481 Tel: +386 4 589 22 55 www.hit-alpinea.si/sl/ramada-resort-kranjska-gora
    • Room 1: Delaine and Andi Reservation code: 34htfijz2k
    • Room 2: Carolyn and Jim
    • Room 3: Carl and Jennifer
    • Room 4: Erin and Trish. Carl has reservation #
    • Room 5: KJ and Kasia (arriving Thursday).  KJ has reservation #
  •  Very walkable town.  I figure each evening after dinner we’ll plan who is doing what the next day. 
  • Feel free to pick places for dinners. I haven’t done any of that research yet.
  • For those bicycling to Lake Bled Friday need to rent their bikes in Lake Bled so we can return them there on Friday and avoid having to come back to Kranjska Gora in our tight Friday agenda.  3Glav Adventures is recommended for bicycle rental and provide guidance on routes too.

Sep 7 Lake Bled and Skarucna

  • Bike rentals:  3glav adventures have e-bikes.  I’m proposing to rent bicycles for all to do the 3.5 mile perimeter of Lake Bled and sightseeing along the way. Bring your helmet!
  • Several people are bicycling from KG, but most will be driving.
  • Accommodation: City Hotel Ljubljana, Dalmatinova 15, SI-1000 Ljubljana
  • Room 1: Erin, Kasia, KJ, Trish Reservation number: 99.340.815 Guest name: Mrs. Delaine Adkins
  • Room 2: Delaine and Andi Reservation number: 99.340.815 Guest name: Mrs. Delaine Adkins
  • Room 3: Carolyn and Jim
  • Room 4: Carl and Jennifer
  • Transportation City Hotel to Skarucna and back via taxi. Leaving City hotel at 1:30pm

Sep 8-9 Wine region- GORIŠKA BRDA

  • Accommodation Hisa Marica,  Šmartno 33, 5211 Šmartno, Slovenia  Reservations made by Mojca
    • Room 1: Carolyn and Jim
    • Room 2: Carl and Jennifer (Saturday only)
    • Room 3: Erin and Kasia (Saturday only)
    • Room 4: Trish and KJ
    • Room 5: Delaine and Andi
  • We have our weekend in the wine country fully planned! We will start with lunch on Saturday at a winery with amazing views (https://www.belica.si/ ), continuing for a sparkling wine tasting later in the afternoon (http://bjana.si/en/index.html ), finishing off with a dinner at another winery (https://www.kabaj.si/en ). The latter promised to take us around the winery IF the harvest is not on, because during harvest time they don’t let their guests into the cellars.
  • On Sunday, we have a short vineyard hike planned for those who will not be sleeping off their hangover 🙂 Lunch at another winery (http://www.klinec.si/ ).
  • David and I (and our 2-year-old, who will be with us throughout, so be ready for that) unfortunately need to go back after lunch to catch our flight back to England, but I suggest you either chill out around the vineyards, or go to the Italy side of Gorizia, which is a quaint old town. Sunday afternoon explore caves.  See Rick Steves for options: Postonja w train going through or Škocjan

Sep 10 Venice day trip

  • Piazzale Roma, Santa Croce 496, 30135 – Venice.
24 hours Park ON LINE – Piazzale Roma (automobiles more than 185 cm wide)


€ 26,10

Parking fee for automobiles WIDER THAN 185 CM and NOT HIGHER THAN 220 CM

Daily rate for 24 consecutive hours.

– The reservation must be made at least 3 days in advance of the date of arrival (the date you reserve does not count)
– If you park the vehicle indoorsyou must leave the car open so that it may be moved if necessary (leave the keys inside the car)
The 24 hours begin from the moment the ticket is issued at the Autorimessa Comunale parking garage

Piazzale Roma, Santa Croce 496, 30135 – Venice. 
Open 24 hours a day, every day of the year.
[GPS 45°26’19.75” N – 12°19’01.71″ E]

Enter the parking garage in the priority fast lane(‘INGRESSO ABBONATI’ lane on the left

In the car by 6am for 2 hour drive from Marica, Slovenia
In map above no.1 is B and no.2 is D I think or it’s E.  If we screw it up we have 75 minutes on these tickets to figure it out and we’ll be cruising Venice in the meantime.

Hop aboard the no. 1 or no. 2 vaporetto line to cruise the Grand Canal between Piazza San Marco and Piazzale Roma (car park). Make sure you sit up in the open prow for the best views.
9:00am Campanile di San Marco The bell tower of St. Marks for stupendous city panoramas from the top. 
Be in line at the Basilica of St. Mark’s before it opens at 9:45am to avoid the long lines.
9:45am St. Mark’s Basilica. See mosaics and the Pala d’Oro altarpiece and to visit the Marciana Museum 
11:20pm Doge’s Palace for the 11:35am “Secret Itineraries” tour (pre-booked tour-Delaine has the tickets). 
Full price: 20,00 euro Reduced: 14,00 euro for citizens over 65; http://palazzoducale.visitmuve.it/…/secret-itineraries-tour/ 
1:30pm Lunch perhaps near the Rialto Bridge: Rosticceria San Bartolomeo and Rosticceria Teatro Goldoni. 
Wandering time: Rialto Bridge & Market to wander stalls, people watching or Gondola ride

Churches chorus circuit opening hours Mondays 10.30am – 4pm (last entrance at 3.45pm) Tuesday – Saturday: 10.30 – 4.30pm (last entrance at 4.15pm) Church San Giobbe closed for restoration Basilica dei Frari Monday – Saturday: 9am – 6pm (last entrance at 5.30pm) Sundays: 1pm – 6pm (last entrance at 5.30pm) Web chorusvenezia.org San Giovanni Elemosinario Monday – Saturday: 10.30am – 1.15pm (last entrance at 1pm) San Stae Mondays: 1.45am – 4pm (last entrance at 3.45pm) Tuesday – Saturday: 13.45am – 4.30pm (last entrance at 4.15pm)
5:30pm Cicchetti crawl 
6:30pm Head to the car for 3 hour return trip to City Hotel in Ljubljana Accommodations City Hotel in Ljubljana

  • Room 1: Jim and Carolyn
    • Room 2: Delaine, Andi, Trish, KJ Reservation number: 99.342.008 Guest name: Delaine Adkins

Sep 11 Fly home

  • Airport logistics – Talk to City Hotel about arrangements.  They said for 6 people they thought a taxi was cheaper than the shuttle.

Mileage and drive time chart

 LjubljanaSkarucnaKranjska GoraPlitvice LakesLake BledSmartno, BRDAVeniceCaves
Ljubljana 9 mi/ 17 min54 mi/ 66 min131 mi/ 3.5 hrs34 mi/ 40 min74 mi/ 90 min156 mi/ 180 min32-46 mi/ 45-60 min
Skarucna9 mi/ 17 min 46 mi/ 55 min 27 mi/ 31 min   
Kranjska Gora54 mi/ 66 min46 mi/ 55 min 219 mi/ 4-5 hrs25 mi/ 37 min72 mi/ 135 min  
Plitvice Lakes131 mi/ 3.5 hrs 219 mi/ 4-5 hrs     
Lake Bled34 mi/ 40 min27 mi/ 31 min25 mi/ 37 min     
Smartno, BRDA74 mi/ 90 min 72 mi/ 135 min   96 mi/ 120 min 
Venice156 mi/ 180 min    96 mi/ 120 min 46 miles/ 60 min
Caves32-46 mi/ 45-60 min     46 miles/ 60 min