The quotation I’ve been pondering is the safety speech on airplanes.  I hadn’t heard this speech in a while and it started me thinking about how hard it is to gracefully take care of myself first before helping others.  I often say say yes to others when it means saying no to my workouts or think time until I’m in dire straits.  It’s a less efficient plan than having a balance that doesn’t require a recovery period before the me time yields benefit.  My retirement gift to myself is to be healthy inside and out by the time I retire.  I’m starting this journey years before I retire because it took more than a few years to become fat with chronic back pain.  The first four months of my journey has been terrible for weight loss, but I think I’ve turned the corner on back pain and my work out regularity is returning.  
I like the Points Guy and here is his post on the airplane safety speech ( ).  The plea to drag queens to where flats while traveling made me laugh.  The point about unbuckling while at cruising speed on the interstate was compelling.