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Find A Way is about enjoying today. Not wishing for some mythical future life stage (retirement, dream job, child rearing, empty nest, ideal weight, etc) when everything will be easier. It’s about experimenting to find what works and what’s fun and it’s about trying new experiences and answering some of life’s weird questions: Just how many different mushrooms could there possibly be on a one-mile hike in the Smokies? Just how close to the top of the crock can I pile this ferment before it blows the lid off? We’ve said many times “I can’t wait to retire” and one day I challenged myself to list the things I can’t do now and the list wasn’t long, basically things that are required to be done during my working hours and would take longer than my available paid time off. Great! One less barrier to living life fully. This is a journey of figuring out what works for us, now, to find the time, energy, and inspiration to learn, create, and enjoy.


Smell the Lake

Inertia – a tendency to remain unchanged Inertia makes it unnatural to get on the interstate and ramp up speed. It also makes it hard to get off the interstate and slow down. With thought and a plan, it makes a nice balance of making distance and scenery. We’ve been...

Spotless Kitchen

What is it that makes sitting down to get something done so hard?! I write down my intention: the goal, why I want it, and my plan to get there, next I find myself thinking about anything except the goal and the plan. I find myself doing stuff that has been waiting...

Itinerary Details

Overall itinerary: Mon-Tue Sep 3&4 is overnight trip to Plitvice Lakes, Croatia. Visit the park Monday afternoon when we arrive, and we decide if we also want to return in the morning to explore more Tue by lunch start driving to Kranjska Gora Wed and Thu Sep 5-6...

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